One-to-One coaching

1 x 1 hour session - £30.00

3 x 1 hour sessions - £85.00

5 x 1 hour sessions - £135.00

2 hour on course session (9 holes) - £45.00

Group sessions for up to 6 people - on request


Colin Williams AA PGA Professional


Golf Coaching


Stack & Tilt®

Network Instrutor

My coaching can help if you:
o Slice
o Hook
o keep topping
o Have difficulty using a driver
o Hit the ground before ball
o Pull
o Push
o Lack power & distance
o Fail to break 100, 90, 80 or 70
o 3 Putt
o Stub your chips shots
o Struggle with bunker shots

Short game coaching:



Bunker shots



Player development Plan

10 hours of coaching

Covering all aspects of the game tailored to your personal plan

Includes: swing - short game - putting - on course sessions


To be taken over the winter months by 31 March 2020

For all coaching enquiries contact PGA professional Colin Williams

Telephone: 01328 863534  

Mobile: 07500 118046


Gift vouchers avaliable

Gift Vouchers available 

for Christmas - Birthdays 

and special occasions