Colin Williams

Class AA  PGA Professional


Stack & Tilt®

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Telephone: 01328 863534


Golf lessons take place at

Fakenham Golf Club



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“For me, teaching golf is a real passion.  If you are a beginner or an established player, my goal is to help you achieve your full potential as a golfer and to help you increase your enjoyment of the game.”

Colin Williams



My coaching covers topics such as:


o   Learn how to play golf

o   Improve your game

o   Establish a clear understanding of ball flight

o   Swing with the correct swing path

o   Clubface control

o   Playing shots with intentional fade or draw

o   Curing problems such as slicing, hooking, tops, ground before ball (and many other undesirables)

o   Escaping from sand (bunker shots – green side or fairway)

o   Pitching & chipping

o   Putting – The art of putting

o   Playing lessons – On course strategy


Lessons are available on a one-to-one basis, shared or in groups.



Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, I can customise your individual programme to maximise your golfing potential and take your game to a new level!

With 30 years’ experience as a PGA Professional golf coach, I can help you in every area of your game including full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots, on course strategy, formulating a game plan to help you reach your specific golfing goals, club fitting and re- gripping.

My coaching facility has some of the most sophisticated equipment to assist in developing your game. The full swing is captured on a high speed camera which can be stored for future review - this also is complemented by the Skypro Swing Analyser, designed to help with progress and to highlight any swing errors.

Putting analysis can also be performed with a high speed camera and Skypro to ensure an accurate stroke.

Start your game plan today by booking a private coaching session and take your game to a new level!  

To book or for more information call:
Colin Williams Class AA PGA Professional
Fakenham Golf Club: 01328 863534
Mobile: 07500 118046
Email: cwgolf@live.co.uk - Twitter: @cwgolf67

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Contact :

01328 863534 / 07500 118046


My coaching can help if you:
o Slice

o Hook

o keep topping

o Have difficulty using a driver

o Hit the ground before ball

o Pull

o Push

o Lack power & distance

o Fail to break 100, 90, 80 or 70

o 3 Putt

o Stub your chips shots

o Struggle with bunker shots


My coaching times at

Fakenham Golf Club

Wednesday 09:00 - 11:00  13:00 -18:00

Thursday 09:00 - 11:00  13:00 -16:00

Friday 09:00 - 11:00 16:00 - 18:00

Saturday 13:00 - 17:00

To book or for more information call:
Colin Williams Class AA PGA Professional
Fakenham Golf Club: 01328 863534
Mobile: 07500 118046
Email: cwgolf@live.co.uk


Colin Williams 

AA PGA Golf Professional


Fakenham Golf Club - Norfolk UK

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